Anlene Gold Milk Powder 1kg

Weight: 1033g Brand: Anlene Manufacturer: Fonterra * Halal *


Weight: 1033g Brand: Anlene Manufacturer: Fonterra * Halal *
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Specifically formulated for seniors aged 51 . Give your bones important nutrients for your golden years.

New Anlene has added FOS Insulin to help increase calcium absorption, with the bone friendly nutrients yous always enjoyed. Make the right choice for stronger bones.

Recommended for ages 51 and above

Features & Benefits

High Calcium, Low Fat, FOS-Inulin (clinically tested), Increased Vitamin D*

Other Information

1. Why is there a New ANLENE and whats new about it?
Research has shown that up to 60%1 of your calcium intake may not be absorbed and is lost.
New ANLENE has been reformulated and contains FOS-Inulin mixture with increased Vitamin D* level to help improve Calcium absorption for strong bones.
New ANLENE also contains the same bundle of bone nutrients from the previous formulation such as Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc and Protein for maintaining bone health.

2. What is FOS-Inulin mixture and where does it come from?
FOS-Inulin mixture in the New ANLENE formulation is a unique mixture of dietary fibers from plant origin. Specifically, it is extracted from the chicory plant. It has a number of potential benefits to human health, including helps to increase calcium absorption.FOS and Inulin can be found naturally in many fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, onions and garlic. The FOS-Inulin mixture in New ANLENE is a unique mixture that is clinically tested to help increase calcium absorption and bone strength2.

3. Can pregnant women drink New ANLENE?
New ANLENE is safe for pregnant women. However, a pregnant woman requires other important nutrients such as Folic Acid and Iron to support her pregnancy.. Thus, we would recommend Anmum Materna which has been specially formulated for pregnant ladies, and is also high in Calcium.

4. Can vegetarians drink New ANLENE?
New ANLENE is suitable for vegetarians.

5. How will New ANLENE affect bowel health?
The FOS-Inulin mixture in New ANLENE is a natural type of dietary fiber. Aside from helping to enhance Calcium absorption, dietary fiber is known to be beneficial forthe growth of good bacteria in the digestive system. As a result, some people who drink New ANLENE (including those who are experiencing constipation*) may experience an improvement in bowel health and comfort.

6. Can I drink New ANLENE if I am lactose-intolerant?
Even if you are lactose-intolerant, you would be able to drink New ANLENE by making some simple changes as below-.

Here are some tips to help manage lactose intolerance:
- Build your tolerance to milk and dairy products slowly, by taking small amounts at start and increasing that amount gradually
- Drink milk with meals, rather than on an empty stomach
- Spread your milk consumption out over the course of a day

7. Can people with diabetes drink New ANLENE?
For people with health concerns such as diabetes, it is best to consult your doctor before drinking New ANLENE.