Uji No Tsuyu Ocha Pack 60pcs (Tea Filter)

Weight: 26g Brand: Uji No Tsuyu Manufacturer: Uji No Tsuyu * Halal *


Weight: 26g Brand: Uji No Tsuyu Manufacturer: Uji No Tsuyu * Halal *
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Kyoto has been holding the reputation as the birthplace of high quality of tea. The plant is flourishing especially in Uji, which is located on the south in Kyoto, for the reasons below.

Rich nature and environment suited to the cultivation
• There are two rivers running - the Kizu river and the Uji river - through, and morning mist comes up from both rivers gives enough moisture to tea trees. And the property in Uji surrounded by many mountains is suitable for the growing of tea.

Tradition rooted on this area
• Until the Kamakura Era, Kyoto was the center of everything; culture, academy, art, architecture, economy, and politics. And the way of tea had been formed and sharpened, and refined by many great pioneers like Eisai or Senno-Rikyu(Tea Master), and its style and thought still remain as the part of Japanese tradition.
Ujinotsuyuseicha Co., Ltd. is an Uji-based manufacture, having the aim at spreading our tradition through tea to all over the world.

Dosage/How To Use

1. Prepare the water fully boiled
2. Place one tea bag in the cup or pot
3. Pour one cup of boiling water
4. Steep it for 60 seconds or to your desired strength